Numeric Tab Dialog

Tab Entry Numeric Dialogs

Pressing [Tab] during a drag operation brings up a dialog box where you can enter exact values instead of dragging with the mouse. The information line will say if this option is available.

To change values you can either use the keyboard or the scroll wheel on the mouse. If you use the scrool wheel, you can constrain the value by pressing [Shift] or [Ctrl] like you would during a drag operation.

Preview Settings

There are Preview options that let you choose how the values you enter update the model.

  • Auto – updates the model everytime you change a value
  • Delayed – updates the model automatically, but waits to make sure that you are not still typing.
  • Manual – updates the model when you press the Update button.

If you are on a slower computer you may need to set the Preview to Manual.
Preview options are available across many of the tools including Selection tools and when creating Primitives.

Dialog Box History

Another feature of the dialog boxes is the history feature.

Pressing the up and down arrows on the keyboard will scroll the history of you last entries.

Note that history is not unique to any particular dialog box, it’s Wings wide.

Math In Dialog Boxes

One interesting feature to these dialog boxes that’s not apparent at first glance, is that Wings understands most of the common mathematical expressions including addition(+), subtraction(-), multiplication(*) and division(/). It is perfectly feasible to type

12.6 + 3 * 4

into the dialog, press [Enter] and receive a legitimate result for a particular operation.

Wings recognizes a number of advanced mathematical expressions as well.

Typing ‘math:’ before any one of the following expressions — for example, math:pi — will yeild a valid result.

If the expression is to be applied to a Value, then use brackets — math:sqrt(5) for example.

Here are the allowed expressions:

  • sin
  • cos
  • tan
  • asin
  • acos
  • atan
  • atan
  • sinh
  • cosh
  • tanh
  • asinh
  • acosh
  • atanh
  • exp
  • log
  • log10
  • pow
  • sqrt
  • abs
  • pi