Plane Cut

Vertex Plane Cut

Cuts an object or face selection at every selected vertex across the chosen plane. Allows for standard and user defined axes.

  1. Takes a vertex selection and a plane
  2. Asks for a Face or Body selection. Only the selection will be cut.
  3. Cuts selection at every vertex given in the original selection.

This feature was added to vertex mode so users could use [Edge|Cut] RMB to add a vertex, and then use [Vertex|Plane Cut] to cut around the object.

This feature can handle a selection of multiple vertices and add a whole series of cuts at one time.

Body Plane Cut

Cuts an object selection at a specified plane. Includes options to Loop Cut the objects at the resulting cuts (see the Info Line).

Body Slice

Slices an object selection into an equal number of parts across a specified plane. Includes a Loop Cut option.

Face Plane Cut

Cuts the given face selection at the chosen plane. Includes a Slice feature via the mouse button options (see the Info Line).


There is a timer built into this tool which automatically stops the plane cut if the operation is taking too long.

In most reasonable cases, you shouldn’t hit this wall, but the auto-stop is there to allow you to try the process again using a smaller selection, instead of losing your model to a memory heap error.