Main Menu


The Main Menu consists of functions that are generally global in nature, i.e. they apply to all item types, or to general environmental settings such as user preferences and camera manipulation.

The Menu Bar

The Main Menu provides access to the following menus:

  • File Menu – file operations, e.g. open, save.
  • Edit Menu – undo/redo operations, set your preferences and manage Plug-Ins.
  • View Menu – manage view, camera and lights settings.
  • Select Menu – manage which items are selected.
  • Tools Menu – various powerful functions.
  • Window Menu – launches other windows in the workspace
  • Help Menu – general information on selected topics.

Note: Some Commands may be added/removed from the menus using the [Plug-In Manager].

The Main Menu bar is visible in each Geometry window. Most commands in the Menus act globally, however there are some commands which act only in the current Geometry Windows. For example, switching between Wireframe and shaded view in different Geometry windows provides alternative views of the same objects.

Menu Conventions

The menu layout follows these conventions:

  • Where a Hotkey has been assigned, this is shown against the command in the menu. The menu is automatically updated when you assign or remove a Hotkey.
  • Commands that invoke a sub-menu have a small triangle icon next to the command.
  • Commands that throw up a Dialog box have a small box icon next to the command. The dialog may be optional, e.g. to change parameters from default settings, and can be invoked by LMB on the icon or by RMB while over the command.
  • Commands that invoke OS file operations are indicated by “…”