Official Development Forum

The Official Development Forum is the main place to talk to others about Wings.

On the ODF you can ask questions about using Wings, discuss technical aspects of 3d modeling, post bug reports, or post screen shots of your latest Wings 3D creations.

Like the name of the forum suggests, there are some development focused discussion to take part in too. Users are welcome to bring their experience to the discussion and voice their ideas about new feature or existing ones. Those interested in contributing code can also checkout the Programming section of the forum.

The former Yuku forum is now considered an archive.

Tips and Tutorials

Wings 3D Documentation Projects

There are currently two documentation projects for Wings 3D.

  • Wings 3D Documentation Project  – This resource is maintained by the Wings 3D team. Those interested in contributing to this project should contact the Wings developers.
  • Wikibooks Wings 3D Wiki – Started as a project to update the outdated Wings 3D User Manual, this wiki is maintained by the Wings 3D community. Wikibooks is free to be edited by anyone.

The Art of Subdivision Modeling

Monster by SomeArtist

Monster by SomeArtist

Wings 3D is at its core a subdivision modeler. The following resources provide useful information about subdivision modeling.  These links aren’t specific to Wings itself, but are certainly worth reading and useful to modeling in general.