Hotkey Assignments


Wings 3D comes with a number of Hotkeys already assigned for the more often used commands, as shown in the tables below.
Some Hotkeys are a single key press, while other Hotkeys are combinations of the usual modifier keys and an alpha-numeric key.
Some Hotkeys are almost universal in applications, such as the File operations.

You can also assign or remove your own Hotkeys.

You can even reassign the default Hotkeys, e.g. to correspond to the way you work with other applications.

Defining Your Own Hotkeys

Wings 3D will inform you if there are conflicts, or where Hotkeys are already used for commands which are global in nature.

To Assign a key or combination of keys as a Hotkey to a command:

  1. Hover the cursor over the command to highlight it.
  2. Press Insert, followed by the key or key combination.
  3. The menu will be updated to show the assigned Hotkey next to the command./li>

To Remove the Hotkey from a command:

  1. Hover the cursor over the command to highlight it.
  2. Press Delete.
  3. A dialog box will ask for confirmation; check the Hotkey to be deleted./li>
  4. The menu will be updated to remove the Hotkey from the command.

Note: Use the Insert or Delete keys along the top of the keyboard; the Ins or Del on a numeric keypad may not always work here.

Hotkey Context

Some Hotkeys can be context sensitive, that is, you can use the same Hotkey against different commands in different selection modes. For example, “S” is the default Hotkey for [Face | Smooth] and [Object | Smooth], so you could assign “S” to [Edge | Slide] if that seemed like a good idea to you.



Alpha Keys Hotkey Assignments

Key Command
A View | Highlight Aim
Shift+A View | Frame
Ctrl+A Select | All (i)
B Body mode
C Vertex | Connect
Edge | Connect
D Edit | Repeat Args
Shift+D Edit | Repeat Drag
Ctrl+D Edit | Repeat
E Edge mode
F Face mode
G Select | Edge Loop | Edge Ring
Alt+G Select | Edge Loop | Grow Edge Ring
Alt+Ctrl+G Select | Edge Loop | Shrink Edge Ring
I Select | Similar
Ctrl+Shift+I Select | Inverse
L Select | Edge Loop | Edge Loop
Shift+L Select | Edge Loop | Edge Loop to Region
Ctrl+L File | Merge
Alt+L Select | Edge Loop | Grow Edge Loop
Alt+Ctrl+L Select | Edge Loop | Shrink Edge Loop
Ctrl+N File | New
O View | Orthographic View
Ctrl+O File | Open
Q Tumble/Track toggle (ii)
Ctrl+Q File | Exit
R View|Reset View
Shift+R Reset OpenGL
S Face | Smooth
Object | Smooth
Crl+S File | Save
Ctrl+Shift+S File | Save As
T Edge | Turn
U View | Auto Rotate
V Vertex mode
W View | Wireframe toggle
X View | Along | X
Shift+X View | Along | -X
Y View | Along | Y
Shift+Y View | Along | -Y
Z View | Along | Z
Shift+Z View | Along | -Z
Ctrl+Z Edit | Undo/Redo
Ctrl+Shift+Z Edit | Redo
Alt+Ctrl+Z Edit | Undo

Note: (i) Select All = All vertices, edges, faces or objects, as per current selection mode. (ii) Q toggles Tumble/Track in Mirai® and Nendo® camera modes for non-scroll mouse types; otherwise this is unused.


Other Keyboard Hotkey Assignments

Key Command
Tab View | Workmode toggle
Numeric entry in drag mode
Shift+Tab View | Quick Smoothed Preview
Space Select | Deselect
+ Select | More
Select | Less
Bksp Vertex | Collapse
Edge | Dissolve
Face | Dissolve
Object | Delete
Light | Delete
Delete Vertex | Dissolve
Edge | Dissolve
Face | Dissolve
Object | Delete
Light | Delete

Note: +/- Increases/decreases the size or sphere of influence for several commands.


Function Key Hotkey Assignments

Key Command
F1 Tweak | Axis Constraint | X
F2 Tweak | Axis Constraint | Y
F3 Tweak | Axis Constraint | Z
F5 Select | By | Faces…5 or more
F6 Select | Previous Edge Loop
F7 Select | Next Edge Loop


Numeric Keypad Hotkey Assignments

Key Command
2 Edge | Cut | 2
3 Edge | Cut | 3
4 Edge | Cut | 4
5 Edge | Cut | 5
6 Edge | Cut | 6
7 Edge | Cut | 7
8 Edge | Cut | 8
9 Edge | Cut | 9
0 Edge | Cut | 10