Other Windows


There are a number of other windows that can appear in the Wings 3D workspace which manage different aspects of the model scene. These are launched from the Window menu as required.

  • Outliner – The Outliner lists all objects, images, textures, lights and materials used in the model workspace.
  • Geometry Graph – The geometry graph lists only the objects, including lights, present in the Geometry window. Here you can lock, hide and manage objects. The graph becomes more important as the number of objects in your scene increases, and as objects are arranged in folders.
  • Palette – The Color palette window is a tool to select, create and manage available colors.
  • Tweak Palette – For selecting and managing Tweak tools, magnets, and axis constraints.
  • New Geometry Window – One or more secondary Geometry Window(s), allowing different views of the model scene to be displayed.
  • Console – Opens a read-only view of the Erlang Console Window, to show diagnostic trace messages. Automatically pops up for some error conditions.
  • UV Editor Window – {? ?}

Managing Other Windows in the Workspace

Like the Geometry window, all windows can be resized by grabbing the small tab in the bottom right corner with LMB or MMB, and can be moved by grabbing with LMB in the header bar.

Unlike the main Geometry window, they can be ‘rolled up’ by clicking LMB in the header bar, to release space in the workspace. They are closed by clicking on the ‘X’ in the window header bar.

Each window type has its own set of menus which are brought up using RMB inside the individual window.