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The Help Menu contains some general information on selected topics. They are pretty self explanatory, and new users would be advised to read through the brief notes – it won’t take very long.

Each selection brings up a display window containing the help subject text.

The help text windows can be ‘rolled up’ by LMB in the header bar, and closed by LMB on the ‘X’ tab.

Help | Getting Started

The Basics on program navigation.

Help | Using a Mouse With One or Two Buttons

Explains how to tell Wings 3D what type of mouse you are using.

Help | French and German Keyboards

Explains how keyboard mapping differ for French and German keyboards.

Help | Defined Hotkeys

Lists the default, built-in Hotkeys with associated Commands.

Help | How To Define Hotkeys

Explains how to assign and delete hot keys in Wings 3D. See also Hotkey Assignments.

Help | Light Basics

Tells you how to create, manipulate, and use lights in Wings 3D.

Help | Default Commands

Tells you how to turn on Default Commands, and how to use them.

Help | Tweak

Brief overview of Tweak, what it is, how to use it, and the use of Tweak Hotkeys.

Help | Performance Tips

Some worthwhile tips to help get better response from Wings 3D.

Help | OpenGL Info

Tells you some basic information about your graphics card and how it handles some of the OpenGLĀ® properties. Could be useful information to include if you report a bug that deals with how Wings 3D displays things on your system.

Help | About Wings 3D

Displays the Wings 3D logo and the revision number for this installation of Wings 3D.

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