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Full Version: Some new modeling tools?
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Now that we have a whole new Wings as to its ui and working space what about thinking for adding some new modeling tools? It seems to me that it would be good to make a thread with ideas and requests for some new tools. Especially tools that are compatible with the app's structure (the box modelling structure) and can be implemented easily.

So, let share your related opinions... : - )
Rounded edges
a series of bevels to smooth the 90 degree join between faces on a cube, 4 ,6 8 bevels in one operation ??
Yes indeed Orbiter, this is a need in Wings. A good round beveling tool is an important tool in a modeling app. There has been some related discussion in the past but it remained there. So it is good to mention it again.
(12-21-2016 09:25 PM)orbiter Wrote: [ -> ]a series of bevels
Support for adjustable creases would be better.
I would also go for round bevels, like on blender. Can anyone check blender code and make the same? The tool is perfect!
I'd really like some more operations for AutoUV, like the snap functions (To line up charts that don't necessarily share edges) and scaling max horizontal and max vertical, while preserving the island's original width/height ratio.
My #1 request would be object instancing like Max has. I could sooooo make use of it.

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