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Modular spaceships - Westbeam - 05-02-2017 02:20 PM

Hey Smile

I was rewriting my game-engine and created some modular spaceships for it:

First two shots are created with my engine, last one is inside Wings3D. Some people may know these spaceships from Egosoft's X-series.
The models are really lowpoly and the texture I drew for this is 512x128px.
Shaders used:
- Simple PBR with disabled normalmaps
- PostFX with Bloom, Light Scattering, SSAO and FXAA
Programs used:
- Modeling with Wings3D, Converting to .B3D with Blender
- Texturing with GIMP
- Generating of metal- and roughnessmaps with AwesomeBumpV4

I am trying to achieve some kind of "timeless graphics". Something that will still look good in 5 years. I was inspired by Angryfly on

What do you think needs to be changed? Any suggestions?

, Westbeam Wink