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How to prepare a 3D model into a print
03-17-2015, 12:38 AM
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How to prepare a 3D model into a print
Hello everyone,

I can`t add new thread to the "3D Printing Stuff" someone can fix it for me? ;p

Today I decided to write a few words about preparing 3D models for print, because it is differs from the preparation of visualization. Here you have 9 things you must know before printing.

1. The model must have a clean grid - "watertight", the printer needs to know which faces of the model are inside and which are outside of the model.
2. Objects cannot pass through the other objects - for that use Boolean operation (union).
3. Limited print area - We can glue the parts together or prepare additional pins for interconnecting the parts.
4. Print should have a flat surface - Objects must adhere well to the table.
5. Too strongly negatively sloped faces (45 ° for the ABS, 60 ° for PLA) - printers cannot print in the air so we have to avoid this issue if we do not want "support".
6. The thickness of the walls - approx. 2 mm.
7. The smallest details are limited by width of the nozzle - remember about a scale of our 3D model.
8. Bridges - a layer of material applied in the air. From point to point 20 mm.
9. The diameter of the holes - 1 - 1.5 mm (vertical and horizontal), otherwise it can be difficult for printer to print.

I hope you underestand me. Sorry for my english Smile
I think thats all for now by me, if something will come to my mind I will update the thread.

A few picturies of printed stuff made in wings3D.

Feel free to comment
Marcin Maćkowiak

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