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BSOD for 64bit Windows version of 1.5.4
01-01-2016, 04:28 PM
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BSOD for 64bit Windows version of 1.5.4
It's a brand new computer that I bought just before Christmas, Windows 10, i5-6300HQ, GeForce GTX960M, with all the drivers updated and everything. The BSOD only happens when you press the Edit Preferences button in the geometry window, but I don't think it happened when you went via the menu (Edit>Preferences). It only happened in the 64bit version -- I didn't test the menu out more because I jumped the gun and uninstalled it so that I could test if the behavior happened in the 32bit version (luckily, it doesn't). The BSOD says it was a kernel_security_check_failure and Windows 10 doesn't seem to give more details than that (there might be logs but I haven't looked up how to find those yet).
01-02-2016, 02:39 AM
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RE: BSOD for 64bit Windows version of 1.5.4
Even you were not being sure it probably happens when you use the menu for select preferences.
A log file use to have the .dump extension, but I don't think it is created if you got a BSOD. Please take a look for that kind of file in your hard driver.

It's first time someone reported a BSOD in this situation. It uses to be related to a some kind of hardware/driver fault and as the preferences checks for OpenCL support maybe the problem is related to it.

Anyway, you have a good video card, so I would ask you to try to install the latest v.2.0.2 of Wings3D and give us a feedback.

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01-02-2016, 12:13 PM
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RE: BSOD for 64bit Windows version of 1.5.4
Yeah, I've had .dump files generate on my desktop before when wings has crashed on my older computers (not bugs, just terrible geometry on my part), but there were none this time. I was also looking out for windows logs, but none generated for the BSODs.

I installed 2.0.2 64bit and the BSODs happened again Sad. The BSODs were delayed, however, probably 30-45 seconds after opening preferences. I will try out 2.0.2 32bit sometime later, but I suspect that as with 1.5.4 32bit, I won't have any problems.

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