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Export Objects into Unity 3D
02-29-2016, 06:18 PM (This post was last modified: 03-02-2016 12:18 AM by micheus.)
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Export Objects into Unity 3D
Lets do it step by step.
- Try to name everything like on the picture,
- Make all Textures Internal,
- Export .Obj with textures to the same directory on your computer for me it is "Test".
- Textures MUST be named the same as in Wings so better export them from wings directly and you will be sure it`s done ok,
(If your texture in Wings is named "Brick", but you will import into unity .obj file with texture named "123brick^%@" it won`t work, same for texture format .png .jpg etc...)
- You can name .obj file whatever you want.

- Create new folder in unity and drag and point .obj .mtl and textures into this folder in unity. For example here is mine "Test" (in unity).

- Here is an effect.
- Notice that unity insterts the name of object (GG in Wings3D) before material name.

object name: Test
material name: example
in unity: Test_example

Remember for better performance don't create scene in Wings. Do things in Wings like boxes, buildings, environment etc. and connect together everything in Unity.

Feel free to comment
Marcin Maćkowiak

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