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How to avoid overlap disarrange on cartoon edge export.
06-18-2016, 10:30 AM (This post was last modified: 06-18-2016 10:36 AM by tkbd.)
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How to avoid overlap disarrange on cartoon edge export.
In SVG / EPS, way to nicer output to the overlapping objects.
In most cases resolve it is "Surface division Priorities: Scane" to set.
But,If many of the polygon overlaps the complex, it may not be rendered as intended.

Case Example:Rendering of the model export from MagicaVoxel
  1. Export an Obj file by MagicaVoxel
  2. Import the file by Wings3D
  3. Select ALL Object,and switch to Body mode
  4. Open RMB menu, VertexAttribute > Material to Color
  5. Open RMB menu, VertexAttribute > Color to Material
  6. In 3D geometry view,SHIFT + MouseDRAG Select (Reduce for unnessesary pathes)
  7. File>Export Selected > EPS/SVG(CartoonEdge) Exporter

The important two things is selected in SHIFT + Drag ,and another is to Export only the selected polygons.
SHIFT + Drag select will select only polygons those visible to camera.
(Polygons that are unseen from a camera will not be selected.
So, it will reduce the amount of data reduction and processing time.)


Wings3D EPS/SVG Setting:
Surface division Priorities: Scane
CSS: Use ClassName

SVG size comparation:
Export full SVG: 4.5MB
SHIFT Drag selection and Export Selected: 1.1MB

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