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About an export dialog for all of rendering
08-11-2016, 12:04 PM (This post was last modified: 08-11-2016 12:06 PM by tkbd.)
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About an export dialog for all of rendering
I'm frustrated a little by the current export dialog for all of rendering with Wings3D.

For user it is a heavy footwork with time consumption for the trial-and-error.
(For example, In Pov-Ray's case,I think Wings's export dialog takes time and effort compared to a GUI dialog of Pov-Ray official Application.)

Because Wings3D's export dialog is Modal dialog.
So I have to open the dialog and switch tab and select pull-down menu many times to try change one of setting.
I feel it is like pulling the lottery in the black box many times in until understand all function.

To resolve the problem,it need a preview image(it can ON/OFF toggle) of the simulated result in the current modal dialog.
(For example aslike preview sphere of Material Propaties dialog in "Wings3D" Tab, It is simple model for small amount of calculations)
It also can be simurate in the fog, blur and camera projection type.

This achieve the cycle of rapid trial and error to users and developers.
It will save the time & effort for debug each function.
08-11-2016, 09:43 PM
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RE: About an export dialog for all of rendering
Yeah, it has been boring make all these POV tests passing by Render option dialog.
I don't think we can change the way the material dialogs works today, but I believe we can do something about the start render action. I would prefer change the material settings and just hit a key or press a button to render the scene using the latest Render settings. Currently we need select the proper render item in the menu; enter in the option dialog and hit ok; be prompt about rewrite the old file and hit ok. It's too much steps.

I'm still thinking about this.

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08-12-2016, 01:48 PM (This post was last modified: 08-12-2016 01:50 PM by oort.)
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RE: About an export dialog for all of rendering
It would be nice if the material dialog for each Rendering software would show a sphere that would update with material changes. I imagine this would be a major task and would take many hours, assuming it would be possible.

Playing with procedural textures (Marble, Clouds, Musgrave, etc) with YafaRay can be very frustrating, since you have to render in order to know if the texture changes made gives the desired results.

In OpenFX there is a "Render" command, which will render the scene using the settings used in the last render. This is a one click render command. If the user wants to modify the settings he/she uses the "Render Setup" command.


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