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Freely Primitive positioning in v2.1
10-29-2016, 01:01 PM
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Freely Primitive positioning in v2.1
The new nice feature added to v2.1.
We can put the primitive to the free location when make a primitive.
It is reduced with certainty the weak-point of the Wings3D! Wink

So I have 2 suggestions.

First,I hope a little modifications of the UI design.
It was bit hard to understand a mixed the UI element.
So, add the group label which means these ui elements with separation bar.
(The label for example: "Object positon" etc...)

I make a mockup.
See A(Insert saparation bar ) and/or B (more small size)

The other one is...move primitive to (Move)"To current view"
Can add the button for Move a primitive to ahead of the current camera viewpoint(center of the screen)?

Specifically,press the button,and a maked primitive is moved to front of camera view.
Then, Move's X,Y,Z value is linked this action.
If this was possible that can put a quickly primitive anywhere.
(Note:The camera/view doesn't move, the position of the primitive is moved to the front of the current camera.)

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