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Using the Wings3D 'Create Normalmap' feature
02-07-2017, 02:29 AM (This post was last modified: 07-15-2017 11:59 PM by micheus.)
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Using the Wings3D 'Create Normalmap' feature
The normal map creator included in the current Wings3d version will create a normal map similar to the one you can create by using the NormalMap plugin for Gimp - using the default settings and the Sobel 3x3 filter.

The command is found on the Outline window when you select any image and invoke the context menu (rigth mouse button).

There are two options selected by these mouse button click in the menu item:
- LMB: It uses the default Bumpness value (4) that must be enough for most the cases;
- RMB: Allow us to enter a different value to Bumpness - that is equivalent to define the height effect. There are also the options to Invert X and Y components for processing. The Y inversion is useful if you want create a normal map compatible with DirectX: -Y means DirectX; +Y means OpenGL. Wings3d default is OpenGL.

By inverting both X and Y you will get the whole map inverted. So, what was up will be down and vice versa:

It can be used with the internal texture Shaders. We can create a monochromatic texture image; go to Outline window copy it to create the bump map; then back to the AutoUV we can select a color to the shader and by using Create Texture once again we get our diffuse map.

Now, by selecting the bump image we created before we can create the normal map using one of the options available.

Tip: The best way to see the bump effect on the object is by assign a white image to its diffuse texture. Wings3D allow us to create a white image by using the Image... option in the context menu (in body selection mode) it can be a 128x128px image.

After created the normal map we can assign it - on Outline window - to the material by using the drag-and-drop option selecting the Bump (NormalMap) option. The normal map bellow was created by using the LMB option (default values):

To increase the high effect we can use the RMB option and with a Bumpness value of 10 we get this:

By assign back the diffuse map we can see the result:

As it was talked before we can invert the bump effect by inverting X and Y elements:

We also can load external images (even colored ones) and produce good maps.
These ones I pick from the internet:

and these are the results (still using the Bumpness=10):

My Wings3D Collection at G+
02-07-2017, 10:30 PM
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RE: Using the Wings3D 'Create Normalmap' feature
Thanks kindly...Much appreciated....

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