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CTRL vs SHIFT (De)selection
04-10-2018, 03:15 AM
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CTRL vs SHIFT (De)selection
Hi guys,

W3D 2.1.5
Win 10

I know there's a function to deselect object parts with CTRL key and today I discovered oposit operation with SHIFT key.
But one thing makes me wonder: when used CTRL key I don't have to select all edge or face and it will be unselected. It doesn't work the other way: unfortunatelly it makes no sense, cause sometimes it's hard to get to some hidden parts. So, it would be nice to work SHIFT key selection the same as CTRL for deselection.
Maybe below recording can give you more hint.

What's the disadvantage? I work with Tweak option on, so I can't move mouse pointer over few faces or edges, cause it will move them.
I can zoom out and turn off Tweak for the selection but it makes no sense. I like to work with close up and see all details.

BR, Hank

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