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Documentation Strategy
04-01-2015, 07:37 AM
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RE: Documentation Strategy
Reading this, I'm wondering if maybe porting some of the stuff from the wings3d handbook to the wiki might be a good idea as well, seeing as its hosted on the Wings3D site anyway?
04-01-2015, 07:35 PM
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RE: Documentation Strategy
Hello Patriick!
Welcome to Wings3D forum Smile

Thank you for your interest.
Currently this document project state is going very slowly but steadily in progress.
oort has a plan to rewriting some of the chapter in document.
so, I'm going to update when it recieved after.
(Also I have thought to write about a method for yafaray-standalone in osx.
and some advice to beginners for using Wings3D and 3D software. )

Please IM if you can contribute, I'll tell you for contact e-mail.
(Note: The license of the document is GNU GPLv3).
I will support the update to the extent that I can.
Recently, I have a break for while, but sometimes going to check it.


BTW, if involved member increases, we may need to make the operating rules.
Because an operating management rules has not been established yet.

For example, Regard to a chapter in a document ,
  • It needs a way to know that who working on writing the chapter.
  • How to collaboration to Video and illustration need for etc ...
  • Limitations (In my rent server,there is a file size limitation,so one archived file size can't over 3MB. Sad )
  • The document manege on using a wiki system.

For these, probably necessary to discuss the wings3d handbook thread.
07-26-2015, 08:37 PM
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RE: Documentation Strategy
Hello guys...

After stating that I'd be able to help contribute towards this documentation effort I ran into some pretty big life changes and some issues arose with my work life that I've had to take care of more importantly than anything else so I hadn't been able to log in until now.

If the help is still required I am going to be available a small portion of every week where I can contribute to sections of this handbook if desired, or I can write up external articles myself on using Wings and translate those into videos, all of which could be replicated or simply listed on the WIKI too.

I will IM you in a short moment regarding how things may work with collaborating on the handbook as to keep things going and not work on my own and duplicate the content across my own system. Hopefully we can sort something out but if not I'll contribute what I can and write up some articles outside of a book to help the community where I can.

07-30-2015, 09:14 PM
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RE: Documentation Strategy
Hi! Patriick.
Thank you!!
I sent PM to you.
Plesee check it.


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