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The Wings3D Handbook
11-29-2012, 01:16 PM (This post was last modified: 03-31-2015 02:09 AM by oort.)
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The Wings3D Handbook
I am posting a link to "The Wings3D Handbook" here just in case new users don't notice the link on My plan is to convert the info into a form that will work well with the new Wiki. When that happens "The Wings3D Handbook" will be obsolete and this thread can be deleted.

The Wings3D Handbook

Edit: I need to point out that it was written in 2009 (newer than the original manual but still old) so newer features are not covered, some things in the preferences dialogs have changed, and OpenGL Rendering is no longer available... never mind the fact that it was never finished. It should help get new users started though... Smile

Edit2: tkbd has created an HTML version of the Wings3D Handbook. It is at the top of my Wings3D page. It is hoped that it can be updated in the not too distant future. Wings3D Handbook HTML Version

12-28-2014, 07:43 PM
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RE: The Wings3D Handbook
I refined an image resouces of Wings3Dhandbook.pdf
These are screenshots that take based on Wings3D 1.5.3.
An archive file is here.

If you tried update for handbook,could use this resources with together.
Good Luck Biggrin
12-31-2014, 05:28 AM
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RE: The Wings3D Handbook

Thank you for all your improvements. I appreciate it. I also check your W3D website ( )and I'm supprised how much time and effort you put to create such a good site. Even I don't know Japanese, I admire it.
Keep doing like that! Cool
12-31-2014, 06:28 AM
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RE: The Wings3D Handbook
Yeah. That is a big enforce.
Hank, did you already check his Dictionary of the Wings3D help - that is another huge (and excellent) work. Smile

My Wings3D Collection at G+
01-25-2015, 03:05 PM (This post was last modified: 07-05-2015 04:32 PM by tkbd.)
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RE: The Wings3D Handbook
Thank you for comment and visiting my site!
It page is written by my native language ,because Wings3D official site provide only English ver.
I'm not good at English,but going to also provide a discoverd new information in English. Smile

In any case about Wings3D HandBook,
So it is necessary that the Handbook have been rewritten by the person who good at English.

About help dictionary.
I think it is important to enhance the document is to compensate for the disadvantages of Wings3D.
Then this two year,it is covered almost Wings3D's features.
If the development of Wings3D was faster, I would not be able to catch up to many information.

The Wings3D Handbook update(2015/7/5)
Note: The text contents no change.

Aadd a feature that selectable by version and language.
but,It would be used to much later from the English version's completed .

Expansion STEP
1) Adding new file with right file name (text_[ver]_[language].html).
2) Edit "settings.js", set a data with version and language keywords .
3) Using web browser for test before publish.

Using arrowkey[left or right arrow] operation switches quirckly between other version.

Document test ss capture.


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