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Attaching normal map?
11-08-2014, 11:48 PM
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Question Attaching normal map?
Hello everybody, the problem is this: I generated some normal map in another app (Gimp). I need to attach this map to my 3D object loaded and uv mapped. The UV map is already there, imported. The result will be exported as dae and used in some environment. There I place the textures. Should I mix some way normal map with a texture before (make one graphic) or will that normal map included in DAE file when exporting ... I am a newbie here so any suggestion will help. I have two applications for making normal maps and learning them, how to create and change those maps but I do not know how to include them using Wings 3D, where I complete my result. Wink
11-09-2014, 06:55 AM
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RE: Attaching normal map?
As you already have your object uv mapped and textured you can just use File->Load image to load the normal image into Wings3d, then in the Outline window you select that image and drag and drop it over the material which it should be assigned. You will be prompt about the kind of map you want make this assignment - choose Normal map.
I believe it should be exported as you expect.

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