Geometry debugging

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NB This page is a WIP - specifically started to deal with some issues on a couple of models, which both the owner and I have access to. Whilst many of the points are general (hence the reason for starting this) it might be difficult for others without access to these models to see what's being discussed - tough :)

(History of the original query associated with this page is

In time I intend to add other more general info here - but for now you'll just have to take it as it is :)
Some other areas you might want to re-visit - in these cases the geometry won't be stopping you bridging/welding etc - but there might be better ways (imo) of achieving similar (or cleaner) results :)

1. Why not connect these 2 verts and end up with 2 quads - rather than dropping the vertical edge onto another horiz?
2. Isn't there any other way of arranging these 4 verts?
3. Removing this loop leaves all quads, reduces geom and many of the edges it connects are straight anyway + the fact it's inside - so does it matter too much?
4. All of the edges this loop connects are straight - will removing it completely make much of a difference to the model - if you want to leave it there, why not move it a bit so's it's adding to the shape?
5. Both of these faces have 7 edges - would it be an idea to do something about this?
6. What's this edge doing?
7. This pair of verts seem just like a pair of young lovers out for a stroll on their own down a country lane - at leat they're holding hands - so they've not started arguing yet :)
8. Similar to 2

Where you've got the 3 vents (5/6) - maybe another approach might be to create quads that you can inset from - and keep to all quads - depending on what shape you want these to be - maybe do something about the corners to stop them becoming too smooth?

See if you can find any other areas ?