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What’s the deal?

Simple – if you’re interested in acquiring this model, please send me an Amazon Gift Voucher – for any value you want (note Amazon have a minimum GV value) – and I’ll email the model to you after I’ve received confirmation from Amazon :)

Email for contact and Amazon purposes is the same as on the contents page of this site:
p u z z l e d p a u l AT h o t m a i l D O T c o m

Y’know the drill – remove spaces and alter relevant bits :)

Note that my Amazon account is with – NOT :)

More info below, but I thought I’d deal with the obvious Q first, so that if you don’t want to continue, you needn’t.


In view of the fact that queries related to ‘holding the shape’ (especially in non-organic models) are more or less as old as Wings, I’ve been considering doing something like this for a while.

The original version of this model was made for a recent modelling challenge (‘Toon Transport’) and - after doing it - I thought that it might be suitable as the first example - even though I’d started on others with this intention. (The version available here has been modified slightly, but is essentially the same)

Original pix used for the above event


Wings / ogl renders

NB – There’s no suggestion that this model provides ‘the’ answer or techniques used are ‘the only’ ones to be employed – but it may be useful for some, as a starting point?

The mesh is fairly ‘heavy’ – and no doubt the low-poly experts (after finishing ‘tut-tutting’ :) ) would find all manner of ways of getting similar looking results with seven and a half polys or whatever - (altering / removing existing geometry and comparing these ‘lighter’ results with the original mesh could also be a useful exercise, imo)

The approach taken was done for various reasons:

Was thinking in terms of a single smooth op
Was trying to keep it all quads. (… didn’t succeed … 4 tris in the (nearly) 10k faces)
Didn’t want to use hard edges. ( … and there aren’t any)
Wanted to provide myself with a range of (modelling) options for a single main mesh.
Wanted enough geom to allow for (reasonable) mag moves / rotates / deformations etc for posing / manipulation purposes
Was trying out mesh ideas
Investigating auv / uv mapping
I like fiddling

We’re all learning – so if this was re-made, it’d be different :)

How do I get it and what’s the deal?

(A repeat of the opening section with a bit more info)

In essence – you send / give me an Amazon Gift Voucher and after Amazon have confirmed this, I’ll email the file to you (approx 360k)

Amount is entirely upto you – anything from the minimum GV value upwards :).

2 approaches:


1) Email me using the HMail address given, stating your interest – this gives you a chance to provide a different destination address (if required for any reason) and would also be the time to ask any relevant (model related) query that hasn’t been covered here?
2) I’ll acknowledge / answer the above and will wait for you to take the next steps (3, then 4) – assuming you want to continue, of course :)
3) You send me an Amazon gift voucher, using my same HMail address
4) Once I have confirmation (from Amazon) that the GV has been credited to my account, I’ll email the model to you :)



Send the GV anyway (without contacting me first) – and when I see notification from Amazon – I’ll send the model to you.

General comments

Please remember that I live in the UK and since there’s nothing automated about this procedure – don’t expect quick responses when it’s ZZzzzzzz time over here …

I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner – but remember, the real world doesn’t always allow this – for many reasons – both technical and otherwise:).

If you’re interested, but for whatever reason, the above procedure isn’t available. (No Amazon account / ccard etc)  email me and we’ll see if something can be sorted out.

Boring small print etc.

What can I do with the model / restrictions to its use?

Well, for a start, once you’ve got it, I can’t do much about it – other than hope I’m dealing with a ‘reasonable’ individual :)

However, in general, it’s all straightforward and common sense.
Don’t try and pass it off as your own – especially if it’s not been modified. (be a bit daft anyway - imo.)
If you use it in some form for non-commercial, non-financial purposes – just a mention / credit where it came from.
If as above, but heavily modified – then a ‘based on ….’  - or something similar
If it ends up being used in something commercial, or you’re not sure of the situation – contact me first and we’ll discuss it.

If you do a red hot animation or something equally juicy, I’d like to see it, anyway – just out of interest, so would appreciate being informed.

If in any doubt – ask :)

Other info.

The model is essentially one large mesh, including the fuselage, wings, undercarriage, tailplane etc. The other odds and ends (the ‘missing’ bits) are separate objects, so if you want to move/pose them, it’s relatively easy.

Main body (cockpit is completely empty, btw)

Separate items / objects
Main wheels
Tailwheel assembly
Exhaust stubs

+ Ref cone (for providing easy access to eye / eyeball centre)

I’ve been using Rotate | Free (rmb option) for rotating eyeballs / eyelids about the same centre, defined by the apex of this reference cone.
To get this, select any angled edge (of the cone - at the appropriate stage of the scale op), press V for vert mode, then deselect the vert on the base – leaving only the apex vert (Then hide the cone, of course :) )

When complete (by my reckoning) total face count is 9936 of which 9932 are quads.

NB in order to keep file size as small as poss. – I’ll be sending half the model :)
You can dupe/mirror the relevant bits any way you choose – but this is what I’d do.

Select all appropriate separate objects
Object | Duplicate on the spot (hold shift to constrain movement to zero - if, like me, you've got Object | Dupe -> Free on a hotkey)
Object | Invert
Scale Axis ->  X (rmb option) and select any feature on the centreline, eg spinner centre (check first via top left info - if unsure)
Drag to minus 100% (hold shift to constrain again) and accept.
(more details on the ‘mirroring without mirrors’ section of scale to a point page.)

This model was scaled up 10x from the original to allow certain mods to be done – connect tools don’t work if distances are too small.
The main section of the model has different materials applied ready for AUV, but the actual textures I originally ‘painted’ :) aren’t included. (Further work will be needed in auv, of course, even though it seems to unfold ok - I've been using 'unfolding' - then re-mapping some bits with project normal)
As originally made, a different mesh structure around the trailing edge area was used. This has now been altered, but examples of the earlier version are included for comparison / info purposes.

That’s about it, folks :)