User Manual


These pages provide a basic User Manual which aims to:

  • Help you understand the general concepts of 3D modelling.
  • Show you the basics of the Wings 3D interface and workflow.
  • Introduce you to advanced functions in Wings 3D.

Note: Currently a Work in Progress. Wings 3D Version: 1.4.1



Basic 3D Modeling Concepts

The Wings 3D Interface

  • Interface Essentials – a quick overview.
  • Wings 3D Interface – the primary Geometry Window and workspace.
  • Main Menu – general commands and configuration options.
  • Command Menus – the specific detailed modelling commands.
  • Other Windows – additional model control windows in the workspace.
  • Dialog Boxes – accessing more detail and precision.
  • Camera Navigation – zooming and panning.
  • Viewing Modes – smoothed preview, wireframe, orthographic and perspective.

Configuring Wings 3D

  • Preferences – configuring Wings 3D the way you prefer.
  • Hotkey Assignments – list of Hotkeys, and how to define new ones.
  • Plug-ins – manage access to additional tools.

Basic Tutorials

  • Tutorials Introduction
  • A Little Tutorial
  • Finger Exercises to Get You Started
  • Your First Real Model – a Dog House
  • Creating A Hand

Basic Functions

  • Selection Basics – Modes, selection & deselection, bounding boxes, edge loops and rings.
  • Basic Commands – moving, scaling, extrusion, cutting, connecting elements and objects.
  • Other Basic Features – constraints and colors.

Advanced Functions

  • Advanced Selections – beyond simple manipulation of the model.
  • Advanced Commands – using the more powerful tools available from the menus.
  • Advanced Features – using mirror, tweaking and autoUV features.