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Missing an old feature using vertices
04-29-2017, 09:16 AM
Post: #11
RE: Missing an old feature using vertices
(04-28-2017 08:21 PM)tkbd Wrote:  I think that the plugin you looking for is probably Clacos' "DrawLoop" plugin.
I didn't know this plugin. It was prior I join the forum. Smile
But, by checking in the old forum in Plugin thread there are only two thread created by clacos and in the archived folders there is two other (has this been asked before ?(sort of loop move) and two plugs to test).
Maybe if bazooka check them would to see if one of them is related to what he is asking about. But, unfortunately all the links provide by him are no longer valid.

(04-29-2017 01:46 AM)bazooka Wrote:  it was an early version of wings, and the guy that started the first ODF showed me what he'd done and I found it really useful as you could just click along drawing a winged edge behind you. Some simple extrusions on the faces formed gave you useful stuff.
Yeah, puzzledpaul always has something to show us. Smile
Take a look on this one since it can give you ideas that can help you to create "free hand" objects: Making Snakes (or wriggly bits of pipe / cable, if you prefer)

You may want to try in face selection mode [F]; select a face and invoke the Sweep->Sweep Region->Free command.
You will be able to extrude, scale and rotate the new face taking in account the camera view. Keeping the selection and combined Repeat command [D] you can created pipe like shapes.

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